Coronavirus Tests

We presently offer five types of COVID-19 tests to health care providers and professionals (including those employed in the workplace with health and safety roles).

  • Coronavirus Rapid Response Antigen Test
  • GA Coronavirus Rapid Antigen Test (German)
  • Coronavirus Antigen Visual Test (UK)
  • Corona Virus Rapid Antibody Test
  • Coronavirus PCR Throat Swab Test

The Coronavirus Antigen Tests identify antigens present in a swab or saliva sample and give a qualitative yes/no result within 15 minutes. The Coronavirus Rapid Antibody Test identifies the body’s response to coronavirus 3-7 days after infection, and gives a YES/NO result within 10 minutes. The Coronavirus PCR Throat Swab Test requires a throat swab sample and can be completed by post or at our partner London Clinic.