Coronavirus Antigen Dual (Saliva/NP) Test (Box of 25)

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The Coronavirus Antigen Dual (Saliva/NP) Test (from our trusted UK manufacturer) identifies antigens present in a saliva or nasopharyngeal swab sample and gives a qualitative yes/no result within 10 minutes. Please call us onĀ  020 7498 0102 for more information.

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This Coronavirus Antigen Dual (Saliva/NP) test (from our trusted UK manufacturer) uses a saliva or nasopharyngeal swab sample to detect Covid-19 antigen in 10 minutes. A saliva sample is less invasive than a nasopharyngeal swab, so it is preferable in some cases to use this type of sample collection.

Box includes: 25 x Cassettes, 25 x Buffer Ampules, 25 x Collector Funnels and 25 x Collector Tubes

Rapid testing allows accurate and cost-effective results within minutes, meaning that both symptomatic and asymptomatic cases can be detected quickly and efficiently. We strongly believe this test, along with all our other Coronavirus tests, can play an important role in the suppression of this virus.

Performance: Stringent studies in several notable institutions show performance of:

  • Sensitivity: 95%
  • Specificity: 99.9%
  • Accuracy: 99.5%

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