GA Coronavirus Rapid Antigen Test (Box of 20)

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The GA Coronavirus Rapid Antigen Test  (German Manufacturer) identifies antigens present in a swab sample and gives a qualitative yes/no result within 15 minutes. Please call us on  020 7498 0102 for more information.

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The GA Coronavirus Rapid Antigen Test (German Manufacturer) enables a reliable and timely diagnosis for patients with regard to a possible SARS-CoV-2 infection. The test is meant to be used to screen large numbers of people in a short time in order to reliably determine their infection status.  A significant advantage of the GA Coronavirus Rapid Antigen test is that it provides health professionals with a complete test kit. This enables the use of a single kit independently at the point of testing.

One Test Kit includes:

  • 20 Test cassettes
  • 20 Extraction buffer in dropper bottles
  • 20 Specimen collection tube with dropper tips
  • 20 Sterile swabs
  • 1 Workstation


  • Sample Type: Nasopharyngeal swab
  • Sensitivity: 96.4% (95%CI: 89.8% – 99.2%)
  • Specificity: 99.2% (95%CI: 95.5% – 99.9%)
  • Duration: Immediate test results after just 15 minutes

Storage: Until use, store the test at 2-30°C in the sealed packages.

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