Alcoholwatch Labels

Alcoholwatch™ tamper-proof warning labels marked with unique serial numbers to identify where alcohol is sold to U18s or bought by an adult for U18s. Tel: 020 7498 0102 to discuss details.



Operation Alcoholwatch by 3pointmedia

Alcoholwatch™ have designed warning labels which are tamper-proof and marked with unique serial numbers. These identify where a bottle is sold to a person under 18 or bought by an adult for a person under 18, anywhere in the UK. The continued success of Alcoholwatch™ with Newcastle City Council, Northumbria Police and  local authorities, particularly during school holiday periods, makes us hopeful that more police forces will join the scheme.


AngelScope® is the official supplier and holds full copyright of the tamper-proof labels used in Operation Alcoholwatch™. These are only for purchase by Police forces and local councils with an interest in starting the scheme. In conjunction with the labels, Operation Alcoholwatch™ posters and street signs are also available and can be ordered on request.

For more information please telephone: 020 7498 0102 or Email: