Postmortem DNA Testing


Postmortem DNA Testing to establish parentage using forensic samples from deceased individuals. Additional DNA collection and sample charges may apply.

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We can arrange Postmortem DNA Testing to establish parentage using forensic samples from deceased individuals, in cases which may be require Postmortem proof of paternity. Prior to testing, next of kin must give permission for the sample to be taken. You will need to establish whether a sample is available from the deceased person which may be hair follicles, fingernail, or blood sample.

*Please be aware that Peace of Mind testing is prohibited, and ALL sample collections MUST follow strict Chain of Custody guidelines as follows:

  • Deceased DNA samples are collected by an HTA (Human Tissue Agency) authorised third party e.g., Coroner.
  • The deceased’s next of kin must complete and sign a Deceased Patient Custodian Consent (COC-4004) form to authorise testing.
  • The above form (COC-4004) must be submitted along with next of kin’s ID.
  • The collector of, or the laboratory storing the deceased sample, signs the Postmortem Specimen Identification Form (COC-4005)

DNA can only be collected from the deceased by an authorised person in compliance with the HTA (Human Tissue Agency) guidelines. Samples can only be legally obtained from HTA licensed establishments, such as mortuaries and hospitals, and Chapels of Rest and Funeral Directors are not.

When you contact us, we will guide you through the process and arrange for all the correct procedures to be followed by those authorised and licensed so to do.