Premier Health Profile


A comprehensive health check including liver & kidney function, bone health, iron levels, cholesterol profile, diabetes (HbA1c) and full blood count.


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This Premier Health Profile provides you with a comprehensive check of your liver & kidney function, your muscle & bone health, gout, iron levels, diabetes (HbA1c), your full cholesterol profile and full blood count. It gives an excellent baseline health check, helps you proactively manage your health and to identify/monitor many underlying or pre-existing conditions throughout your body.

Whether you use a home test or have your sample taken with one of our trained phlebotomists, our blood tests are quick and easy to use.

Take the Test
At home, or in one of our testing locations.

Send us Your Sample
We provide pre-paid postage for our at home tests.

Receive Your Results
We provide a secure link to your doctor validated personal results.