Saliva Nicotine (Cotinine) Test Kit (25 Pack)

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Saliva Nicotine (Cotinine) test kit -sensitivity 20ng (25 Pack) Pre-Order Now with expected delivery Jan 2023

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A nicotine (Cotinine) drug testing kit that screens for the cigarette smoking by detecting nicotine (Cotinine) in saliva – sensitivity 20 ng

  • How long does nicotine stay in your saliva?
    Detection period up to 48 hours since last inhalation of nicotine in cigarette smoke. Will also detect nicotine in nicotine gum or nasal sprays that are used by smokers to help them give up.

Directions for use:

Allow the nicotine (Cotinine) test kit to reach room temperature prior to testing. Instruct the donor to not place anything in the mouth including food, drink, gum or tobacco products for at least 10 minutes prior to collection.

  1. Bring the pouch to room temperature before opening it – once removed from the sealed pouch it must be used within one hour.
  2. Remove the drug testing kit from sealed pouch – add saliva from collector.
  3. Place the test kit on a clean and level surface.
  4. Read results at 10 minutes.
  5. Do not read results after 1 hour.

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