Strep A Rapid Test Cassette (Throat Swab – 25 Pack)

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Strep A Rapid Test Cassette (Throat Swab – 25 Pack)

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The Strep A Rapid Test cassette is a rapid test to qualitatively detect the presence of Strep A antigens in throat swab specimens, providing results within 5 minutes. The test utilizes antibodies specific for whole cell Lancefield Group A Streptococcus to selectively detect A antigens in a throat swab specimen

Materials Provided:

  • Test Cassette
  • Extraction reagent 1 (2M NaNO2)
  • Extraction reagent 2 (0.027M Citric acid)
  • Sterile swabs
  • Package Insert
  • Extraction Tube
  • Positive control (Non-viable Strep A; 0.09% NaN3)
  • Negative Control (Non-viable Strep C; 0.09% NaN3)
  • Workstation
  • Dropper tips