Alcohol (EtG – 1000g) Test Strips (25 Pack)

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Alcohol (EtG – 1000g) Test Panel Strips

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These individual alcohol panel urine test strips are reliable, accurate and simple-to-use. The test features a simple ‘dip and read’ approach from a sample of urine, with results being provided from 60 seconds. A product insert is included with every purchase, providing key information such as cut-off levels for drug metabolites and directions for use when testing.

Tests are certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 to ensure the devices are manufactured and distributed with a quality-focused approach and CE Marked in accordance with 98/79/EC.


  • Immunoassay screening technology for cost-effective testing
  • CE Mark and ISO Certified
  • Simple-to-use, quick testing period and accurate results
  • Performance measured against calibrated laboratory equipment