Integrated E-Z Split Key 10 Test (THC/COC/MOP/MET/BZO/AMP/PCP/MTD/BUP/BAR)

£175.95 Ex VAT

Int Cup 10 Test – THC/COC/MOP/MET/BZO/AMP/PCP/MTD/BUP/BAR – Pack of 25



E-Z Int Cup 10 Test -THC/COC/MOP/MET/BZO/AMP/PCP/MTD/BUP/BAR – Pack of 25

The E-Z Integrated Split Key Cup will test for 5, 6 or 10 drugs in one cassette in an integrated tamperproof cup. They come in a completely sealed cup with a temperature strip to check urine, you simply fill the cup to the right level and push in plunger to begin the test.


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