Drug and Alcohol Workplace Training Service

More employers are being faced with their employees being subjected to Drug and Alcohol Testing in the workplace. Sometimes this is a contractual requirement
As a result of this, many companies want to get “one step ahead” and randomly test their own employees. This training programme is designed to equip your company for this task. The training is delivered through the use of the training manual in a “round the table” setting. You will be given your own copy of the manual. The training is “hands on” and there will be ample opportunities to look at and try out drug and alcohol testing equipment and the latest developments in testing kits. To book a training session call us on Tel: 020 7498 0102

Testing for Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace (Typical Training session)

Duration – 3 hours

Training delivered by Maria Gardner

1. Introduction
2. Basic Drug Information
3. Policies on Drug and Alcohol misuse
4. Drug Testing and “Chain of Custody” procedure
5. Dealing with a positive test
6. How to prepare and send samples to the laboratory for detailed analysis
7. Basic Alcohol Information
8. Testing for Alcohol
9. Dealing with a positive test
10. All of the information presented will be in a manual – this will help you in developing your testing procedures.

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