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 18 panel integrated cup urine drug test kit with ultra-sensitive detection

  • This 18 panel drug test is integrated into a urine collection cup and offers the latest large combination cup drug testing kit currently available in the UK. It is a drug test that tests for almost everything.
  • If you want to screen for everything this is the best cup drug test kit
  • Screens quickly and easily for 18 drugs on one urine sample.
  • Includes ultra-sensitive drug tests for cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy, speed, crystal meth
  • Easy screw lid sealed drug test cup design with integral drug testing kit strips for 18 common drugs of abuse.
  • Multidrug one step drug test cup
  • Easy to use and read 18 panel drug test cup
  • Highly accurate results when compared to a GCMS lab test
  • Gives individual results for each drug type listed below.
  • CE, FDA, and ISO certified to full professional and healthcare IVDD standards as offers the highest accuracy in point of care drug testing kits available.
  • Ideal drug test cup for criminal justice, recruitment, pre-employment. Also a good choice of drug test kit for parents who want a comprehensive urine drug screen.
  • Manufactured by ALLTEST

ALLTEST 18 panel drug test cup is our most comprehensive drug test and screens urine for the following 18 drugs:

  • Cannabis 20ng/mL
  • Cocaine 100ng
  • Opiates 300ng/mL
  • Amphetamine 500ng/mL
  • Ecstacy 500ng/mL
  • Ketamine 1000ng/mL
  • Methamphetamine 500ng/mL
  • Methadone 300ng/mL
  • Buprenorphine 10ng/mL
  • Benzodiazepines 200ng/mL
  • PCP (phencyclidine) 25ng/mL
  • Oxycodone 100ng/mL
  • Tramadol 300ng/mL
  • LSD 20ng/mL
  • Fentanyl 10ng/mL
  • TriCyclicAntidepressants 1000ug/ml
  • PPX 300ng/ml
  • Barbiturates 300ng/mL
  • + temperature check strip.